KSF Player is the most advanced computerized karaoke system designed specifically for bars, restaurants, hotels and karaoke hosts. Taking advantage of the latest touch screen technology, operation of the system is so simple that  anyone can use it! Adding a karaoke night has never been easier!

Various song packages are available such as English, German, Spanish, Swedish, Finnish, French,
Portuguese, Estonian and Turkish supplied by the best-known karaoke manufacturers in the world. Each system also includes hundreds of background music tracks for use before,
during or after the show!

With powerful built-in features like our Backround Music Manager, Karaoke Playlist, Smart Song Search, Customizable Advertisment displays, Songbook Creator and access to over 100.000 songs in the Song Shop – The KSF Player is the most powerful yet simple to operate system for any Bar, Restaurant, Club, Hotel or Event!

Available configurations

23" Touch Screen computer

15" Touch Screen laptop

Multiple content packages available!

Key features

Ads manager

Smart Song Search

Background music

Song Book Creator

eSongBook integration

Song Shop

SmartQ Playlist